Field Trips with the Aransas Bird and Nature Club

Partnered With Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi


Sunday, December 4

Mad Island Marsh

Brent Ortego 361-827-4691

Aransas Bird/ Nature Club

Nan Dietert leads walks at 9:00 most Wednesday mornings at Port Aransas Birding Center.


January 14

Brownsville Dump, San Benito resacas with Arroyo Colorado Audubon

Norma Friedrich 361-676-6416

January 21

Knolle Area Dr Pettigrew property

Larry Johnson 361-549-1758

February 4

King Ranch Santa Gertrudis

Tom Langschied 361-522-3348
Fee $41.00 Decision(s) and $ paid by September 30, 2016

February 11

Fennessy Ranch

Lorrie Lowrie 314-520-6978 ABNC
Fee $22.00 

February 18

Larry Johnson property near Beeville


March 4


Susan Foster 956-337-4011 ABNC


Saturday/Sunday Blucher Bird Walks

Larry Jordan to help 361-443-0747

April 2, SUNDAY

Magic Ridge

Brent Ortego 361-827-4691 ABNC

May 13

King Ranch Norias Division  F. Pygmy Owl

Tom Langschied 361-522-3348

FEE $112.00 Decision(s) and $ paid by September 30, 2016

The Aransas Bird and Nature Club is a local, grass-roots organization, dedicated to the effort of improving our stewardship of the natural world entrusted to our care with a special interest in ornithology. The club accomplishes this goal by increasing local awareness of the natural world with monthly meetings and field trip, by fostering birding within our community and providing a positive force to protect birds and preserve habitat. We stand ready to assist other local and national organizations in their quest to further conservation efforts.

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